Tozeur and the mountain oases trip

Book your 2 days tour from Djerba to Tozeur. Discover Tozeur and its mountain oases and enjoy a unique experience to discover a large part of southern Tunisia. During this 2 days tour from Djerba to Tozeur you will visit : Douz Matmata Tozeur, the cities of palm groves Chebika Tamerza Mides Ong Jmal Mos […]

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From Djerba: Matmata Douz one day desert trip

The Matmata Douz desert trip, as indicated in the title, consists of visiting the troglodyte village of Matmata with its troglodyte houses and Berber villages and discovering Douz, the gateway to the desert where you can have a ride on a quad or on a camel in the big dunes of the Sahara. Matmata Douz desert trip is, in fact, an initiation to the discovery […]

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Scuba diving – Djerba

Even if scuba diving in Djerba is not very famous and you are not in the Red Sea, Djerba offers you to explore its seabed, to discover the caves or even the wrecks dating from the 2nd World War. At a depth of more than 20 meters, discover an English freighter, tanks and gas masks … Meet […]

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