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About Douz

Douz is a small town in south-central Tunisia. Considered as “the Gateway to the Sahara”.

Administratively attached to the governorate of Kebili, it is located 488 kilometers from Tunis. It constitutes a municipality of 30,245 inhabitants (in 2014) who are mainly ‘Mrazig‘ (according to tradition, Arab immigrants from the tribe of Banu Sulaym who arrived in Tunisia in the thirteenth century.)

Since the dawn of time, man’s best friend, in Douz, has been the dromedary. This quadruped (a single hump) is tireless, it has a great capacity of adaptation to move and transport goods in hostile environments impossible to cross by other mammals.

Douz is a dream destination for tourists wishing to explore the desert, either by camel, quad, buggy or four-wheel drive. The city offers its tourists a multitude of hotels, ideal for spending an original holiday combining escape and relaxation. The inhabitants of Douz are known for their hospitality and their great generosity.

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