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Matmata is a village in the south of Tunisia depending on the governorate of Gabès. Even though New Matmata has become the main locality in the region, the center of the Matmata tribe remains the ancient village located in the heart of the mountains. It is for the benefit of the new modern city that urban development and the rural exodus of populations has emptied and deserted it.

Its name comes from a Berber tribe which, itself, is a descendant of the Temzit and described at length by Ibn Khaldoun in his book History of the Berbers and the Muslim dynasties of North Africa.

Berber is no longer spoken there, which is still the case in the neighboring villages of Toujane, Techine, Zrawa and Tamezret.


It was during the Allied bombardments of the city of Gabès, then in the hands of the Nazis, that several Gabesian families fled their city to take refuge in the troglodyte houses of Matmata.

Matmata was also the stronghold of the fellagas who took up arms against the French protectorate under the leadership of Mohamed Daghbaji, several of his companions coming from the city of Matmata.

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