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Zarzis or Gergis is a coastal town in the south-east of Tunisia attached to the governorate of Medenine and located 50 Km from Djerba Island. It constitutes a municipality of 72,611 inhabitants in 2014.

Located at the south-eastern end of the peninsula that bears its name, in the south-east of the island of Djerba and about 50 km from Houmt-Souk. Zarzis has a very wide seafront and a variety of landscapes reflecting a great diversity of climatic conditions.

Nearby desert, holidaymakers can, therefore, multiply the tours to the sahara and discover its beauty !

Zarzis is also full of cultural places to visit such as the archaeological site of Gightis in Bou Grara or the private museum of El Hafi.

The closest airport to the city of Zarzis is Djerba-Zarzis International Airport, which also serves the island of Djerba as well as the entire south-eastern region of Tunisia.

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