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Djerba or Jerba is an island of 514 km² (25 by 20 kilometers) located in the Gulf of Gabés (also called little syrte) in the south-east of Tunisia. It is the largest island in North Africa (125 kilometers of coastline).

It is connected to the mainland by a ferry, ensuring the crossing between Ajim and Jorf, and by the kantara, a 7 kilometer route dating back to Roman times, the south-eastern end of the island to the Zarzis peninsula.

Djerba has 120,000 inhabitants, nearly 44,000 of whom live in Houmt Souk, the island’s largest city and administrative capital. Its inhabitants are mainly Arabic speakers although there is a large Berber speaking community there.

There is also a small and very old Jewish community descended from exiles from Jerusalem.

Moreover, most of the island is a rural area occupied by villages of Berber origin such as Mezraya, Ghizen, Tezdaine, Wersighen, Sedouikech, Ajim and Guellala

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Things to do in Djerba

Djerba, a wonderful island located in the south-east of Tunisia and tourist destination par excellence! Many first-time visitors always ask the same question: What are the things to do in Djerba? On the one hand, the island of Djerba offers ...

things to do in Djerba
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