Djerba Half day island tour

The Djerba half day Island Tour is an introduction to discover the island of Djerba, its surroundings and its most beautiful sites ! First, Visit the Roman road and Guellela the pottery village. Then, discover the old synagogue, stroll in the alleys of Djerba Hood. Finally, enjoy a free time in Houmt Souk, the capital […]

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Testour and Dougga 1 day Tour

Book your Testour and Dougga 1 day tour and leave the city to travel back in time ! Discover Andalusian architecture, admire Testour’s watch (which turns in the opposite direction of a normal clock), then explore Dougga. Dougga is a unique site which combines Roman, Punic and Lybic ruins. It is, also considered as the most […]

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1 Day tour to Kairouan and El Jem

1 Day tour to Kairouan and El Jem During this 1 day tour to Kairouan and El Jem, move away from the capital and head to the religious heart of Tunisia ! First, Visit Kairouan’s old medina listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Then, visit its great mosque, considered to be the 4th largest […]

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Tunis Carthage : A trip to the old medina, Bardo museum, Carthage and Sidi Bousaid

Book your Tunis Carthage trip and discover the must-sees of Tunis. First, visit the old medina of Tunis and get lost in its magical streets, discover its building and Zitouna Mosque. Then, explore the Bardo museum and learn more about the roman mosaics. After lunch, head to the archeological site of Carthage and discover its […]

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