Things to do in Sousse


About Sousse

Nicknamed “the pearl of the Sahel”, the city of Sousse is a port city in central-eastern Tunisia. Sousse is the third most important city in Tunisia after Tunis and Sfax.

Located on the coast (Sahel in Arabic) of Tunisia, 143 km from the capital, the city is renowned for its long beaches which crisscross the coast. Its luxurious seaside resorts have restaurants, hotels, night clubs, shopping centers, etc… This Makes it one of the top tourist spots in Tunisia.


Top things to do in Sousse :

1- The visit of its old medina

It is located at the heart of the city and its history. The medina of Sousse has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. Complete ramparts encircling the medina, an exemplary kasbah and ribat, lively and colorful souks: so many good reasons to explore this rich patrimony.

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2- Sousse Museum

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The Archaeological Museum is located in part of the city’s kasbah, more precisely in a large Ottoman building dating from the 9th century. Founded in 1951, the museum contains the most important collection of Roman mosaics in Tunisia, after that of the Bardo National Museum.

Several pieces represent daily scenes that say a lot about the life of the time, such as popular beliefs, hunting or even means of entertainment.


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2- The Catacombs of Sousse

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A veritable necropolis laid out in the basement towards the end of the first century by the Christians to bury their dead during the times of persecution. The catacombs are in the form of galleries which extended over 5 kilometers and which would contain no less of 15,000 graves.

The tombs were arranged in the walls of the galleries on two or three levels. At more or less regular intervals, we note the presence of niches houssing the oil lamps which, illuminated this labyrinth .


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4- Kantaoui Port

Port rl kantaoui sousse

Port El-Kantaoui is a marina located northwest of the city, which has become one of the most important seaside resorts in Tunisia.

The integrated resort of Port El Kantaoui proudly bears its nickname “the first port-garden of the Mediterranean”. Entirely built in a Tunisian style of Arab-Andalusian inspiration, Port El Kantaoui is a homogeneous and green set of hotels, residences, shops and leisure places, whose heart is constituted by a marina of 340 rings and a superb golf course.


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Top things to do Around Sousse :

Given its location, Sousse can, also, be an access point for various other visits to the surroundings.



Trips and tours in Hammamet

On a day tour, it is quite possible to visit Hammamet, its vineyards, its amusement parks. It’s possible to discover the Punic site of Kerkouan, Haouaria and even Korbous.

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Dougga the archaeological site

testour and dougga 1 day tour from tunis

It is possible to visit the archaeological site of Dougga by booking a day trip such as: Visit of Testour and Dougga

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Wine tasting

wine tasting tours in tunisia

Several wine tasting tours are also available. So if you are fans of tasting do not hesitate to book a tasting excursion to discover the variety of Tunisian wines.

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Great mosque in Kairouan

Kairouan is the Islamic capital of Tunisia, it is there that the first mosque of the Maghreb was founded (The great mosque of Kairouan). From Sousse, it is possible to visit the city, to discover its mosque, its old medina, its Aghlabid basins and the barber’s mausoleum.

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