Star Wars shooting locations in Tunisia

Cities where Star wars was filmed In this article, I will introduce you to all the Star Wars shooting locations in Tunisia. Places that I had the chance to visit during my tours and my work as a travel guide. Star Wars Shooting locations in Djerba Although many ignore it, the island of Djerba has [...]
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Things to do in Sousse

Things to do in Sousse   About Sousse Nicknamed “the pearl of the Sahel”, the city of Sousse is a port city in central-eastern Tunisia. Sousse is the third most important city in Tunisia after Tunis and Sfax. Located on the coast (Sahel in Arabic) of Tunisia, 143 km from the capital, the city is […]

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Things to do in Tunis

Things to do in Tunis   About Tunis Tunis, capital of Tunisia is land of civilizations! This Mediterranean, North African, Europeanized city has roots in history that go far to the Punic and the Romans ... Land of Dido and Hannibal ... Land of glory and beauty ... A city like this can only offer [...]
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Alternative tourism in Tunisia

From Mass to Alternative Tourism in Tunisia Touristic fiesld in Tunisia is one of the important sectors of Tunisia’s economy and a source of foreign exchange for the country. Tourism has a knock-on effect on other economic sectors, such as transport, communications, crafts, commerce and construction. Tunisia’s geographical position in the south of the Mediterranean […]

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Things to do in Djerba

Djerba, a wonderful island located in the south-east of Tunisia and tourist destination par excellence! Many first-time visitors always ask the same question: What are the things to do in Djerba? On the one hand, the island of Djerba offers a large choice of on-site activities such as quad biking, buggy, camel rides etc … […]

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Things to do in Tozeur

About Tozeur Tozeur is a Tunisian city on the borders of the Atlas and the Sahara Desert, the largest of the five oases of the Jerid. Gradually built around its palm grove, it is the capital of the governorate of the same name. Located northwest of Chott el-J√©rid, near the Algerian border, renowned for its […]

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