From Mass to Alternative Tourism in Tunisia

Touristic fiesld in Tunisia is one of the important sectors of Tunisia’s economy and a source of foreign exchange for the country. Tourism has a knock-on effect on other economic sectors, such as transport, communications, crafts, commerce and construction.
Tunisia’s geographical position in the south of the Mediterranean basin, rich civilizational heritage and low cost of tourist stay, make this country one of the main destinations for European tourists in Africa. Tunisia welcomed 7,048,999 visitors in 20081. It also set itself the goal of reaching ten million tourists by 20142.


The shift towards alternative tourism in Tunisia

In recent years, tourism in Tunisia has started to experience a remarkable change on several levels.

  • Alternative tourism in accommodation:

In recent years, Tunisians have been moving more towards ecological and alternative tourism instead of mass tourism.

Instead of hotels, we notice the birth of several rural lodges and guest houses.
Moreover, the choice of the customer and his requests is changing over time. Nowadays, the visitor is changing, tourism itself is changing and customers want to be closer to local life …

  • Alternative tourism in Tours :

Far from hotel complexes and mass tourism, Tunisia is full of many tresors including its national parks, its desert and its architecture.
Nowadays the visitor prefers to make a camel trek in the desert or to spend a night in tents in full desert rather than staying by the swimming pool in a hotel.

  • Tailor-made tours in Tunisia:

Nowadays, with online platforms that put the customer in direct contact with the local expert. It has become possible to build a 100% tailor-made tour in Tunisia. The customer, can now contributes to choose the stages of his adventure, the accommodation and even daily visits.
This type of travel is gaining a lot of importance day by day.

  • The online trips and tours platforms

Customers no longer depend on a tour operator to furnish their vacations and choose their trips, as was the case a few years ago.

Nowadays, several platforms offer trips and tours in partnership with local agencies. This offers the customer better rates but above all, a closer contact to local life, instead of TO commercial offers.